Scrabble Just Got ‘Dench’.. #Really?

There have been many critics in recent years claiming literacy levels in school children are on the decline, and when its announced that this years ‘Children’s Word of The Year’ is ‘Hashtag’.. it’s hard to disagree that there is a valid argument. Earlier this week, it was reported that 6,500 new words have been added to the official Scrabble dictionary – that’s the little book … Continue reading Scrabble Just Got ‘Dench’.. #Really?


Who Will You Leave Your Selfies Too?

At 23 years old, I still consider myself to be somewhat ‘young’ although I’m slowly starting to slip into the minority of people I grew up with who aren’t yet married and/or have had or are expecting children, not that any of that is seen as competition, you just know shits getting real when you fail to recognise names popping up on Facebook posts, only … Continue reading Who Will You Leave Your Selfies Too?